Ordered transposon mutant library

Library and parameterNo. for transposon(s)
T26T101T26 + T101
Primary collection
    Insertion mutants arrayed51,74410,36862,112
    Insertions successfully mapped38,3406,96445,304
    Duplicate, discrepant, or ambiguous insertions2,3413082,649
    Unique insertions35,9996,65642,655
        Within genes (coding + pseudogenes)33,1376,15639,293
    Genes hit internally (of 3,940)3,4712,2663,527
    Avg unique hits per gene in genome9.11.710.8
    Genes not hit internally4691,674413
Three-allele library
    Total mutants10,18757510,762
        Within genes10,02556210,587
    Mutants confirmed by resequencing8,2433198,562
    Genes with insertions
        1 unique insertion364350305
        2 unique insertions44480305
        3 unique insertions2,098162,243
        4 unique insertions4201505
        >4 unique insertions1440165
    Genes without insertions4703,493417