Strains used in this study

BE293Carries pKD46Lab collection
SS23ΔpduBBLab collection
BL55ΔpduB (P27–P32)::pblaP3-sacB-cat/pKD46This study
BL56ΔpduB (P27–P32)This study
BL62ΔpduB (M1–A37)::pblaP3-sacB-cat/pKD46This study
BL137 pduB M38AThis study
BL144ΔpduB (M11–A25)This study
BL155ΔpduB (L6–A12)::pblaP3-sacB-cat/pkD46This study
BL156ΔpduB (L6–A12)This study
BL157 pduB (L6T)This study
BL158 pduB (E8A)This study
BL159 pduB (L10T)This study
BL160 pduB (A12S)This study
BL179 pduB (V7T)This study
BL180 pduB (M11S)This study
BL181 pduB (V14T)This study
BL182 pduB (I15T)This study
BL183 pduB (Q9A)This study
BL184 pduB (Q13A)This study
BL232ΔpduB (M1–A37) (RBS = AGGA for pduB′)This study
BL234 pduB (R17A)This study
BL235 pduB (V18T)This study
  • a All strains are derivatives of S. enterica serovar Typhimurium LT2 which contain scarless mutations that change the amino acid/nucleotide sequence as indicated. RBS, ribosome binding site.