Genetic differences between household 2 E. coli strainsc

GeneaGene productMutationbPresence of mutation in strain
Daughter's Mother's
Father's JJ2546 (urine)JJ2547 (kidney drainage)JJ2548 (blood)JJ2963 (urine)JJ2974 (feces)
P423_00080ArylsulfataseG32A (G11D) ++
degS Peptidase RseP (regulator of sigma E)C259A (H87N)+
ykgC Pyridine nucleotide-disulfide oxidoreductaseA445G (T149A) ++
nfsB Dihydropteridine reductaseG73T (E25stop)+
ybdK Gamma-glutamyl:cysteine ligaseG759A (M253I)+
cspE Cold shock protein CspE (RNA chaperone)G157T (E53stop)+
lipA Lipoyl synthaseT683C (I228T) ++
dps Stationary-phase protection protein DpsG127T (intergenic) +
ycgJ Hypothetical proteinC121T (intergenic) +
dnaC DNA replication protein DnaC (phage)C333A (SYN) ++
ydbH Hypothetical protein YdbHG1937A (W646stop) ++
yebC Putative transcriptional regulatorC239T (A80V) ++
yfaL AutotransporterC1431T (SYN)+
lrhA Transcriptional regulator LrhAA41_T42ins 6 bp (D14_L15ins LD) +
P423_12990Peptidase S10C476T (P159L) +
fadJ Fatty acid oxidation protein subunit alphaG1863A (SYN) +
P423_13360Membrane proteinT129A (SYN) ++
crr PTS glucose transporter subunit IIA (EIIA_Glc)A260T (E87V) +
fhlA Sigma 54-dependent transcriptional regulatorG878A (W293stop) ++
sdaC Serine/threonine transporterA25G (I9V)+
mltA Murein transglycosylase AC206T (S69L)+
P423_164659-O-Acetyl-N-acetylneuraminic acid deacetylaseA351C (L117F)+
P423_16480 N-Acetylneuraminic acid mutarotaseT407C (I136T) ++
P423_16705Polysialic acid transporterC44T (intergenic) ++
rapZ GlmZ (sRNA)-inactivating NTPaseC1486T (N188S) ++
malT Transcriptional regulatorA1004C (E335A) +
ftsY Signal recognition particle-docking proteinC1486T (R496stop) ++
P423_19450Oligopeptidase AA303G (SYN) +
cspA Cold shock protein upstream CspAC74A (intergenic)+
glyS Glycyl-tRNA synthetase (subunit B)C1933T (R645C)+
gltS Sodium/glutamate symport carrier protein GltSC848T (L283P) +
frvA Fructose-specific PTS (EIIA_Frc)C371T (A124V) ++
ilvN Acetolactate synthaseA35C (E12A) ++
rbsR Transcriptional regulator RbsRG748T (V253F) +
P423_21035ArylsulfataseC1292T (T431I) ++
P423_21850Hypothetical proteinT765G (I255M)+ ++
ntrC Sigma 54-dependent transcriptional regulatorG817A (A273T) ++
bsmA Biofilm stress and motility protein BsmAA133G (I45V)+
P423_24355Restriction endonucleaseC1223T (P408L) +
  • a Gene number or name as in reference JJ1886 genome (NCBI accession number NC_022648 ). For those genes without a designated name in the JJ1886 annotation, the homolog designation available from annotations of other E. coli strains was used. Genes encoding transcriptional regulators are shown in bold.

  • b The position of an intergenic mutation is shown as the distance from a start codon of the gene. Amino acid changes are given in parentheses.

  • c SYN, synonymous; ins, insertion; PTS, phosphotransferase system; +, mutation is present.