Table 2.

MICs of divalent cations forH. pyloria

Divalent cationMIC of divalent cation for:
H. pylori 49503H. pylori 49503/CopA
CuCl2 50 μM7.5 μM
ZnCl2 500 μM500 μM
NiCl2 4 mM4 mM
CoCl2 250 μM250 μM
MgCl2 50 mM50 mM
  • a To determine the MICs of various divalent cations for H. pylori, cells of the wild-type strain ATCC 49503 or its CopA-deficient derivative were incubated in BHI broth medium in the absence or presence of various concentrations of CuCl2, ZnCl2, CoCl2, or NiCl2. The growth MICs for the cations are shown.