Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristics or strain designation (origin)aOrigin or reference
E. coliDH5α recA endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 hsdR17 supE44 relA1 φ80 dlacZΔM15Bethesda Research Laboratories
S. aureus
  COLHomogeneous Mcr Rockefeller University collection
  BB589 7
S. sciuri subsp. sciuri K1 (eastern grey squirrel), K2 (beef tongue), K38 (Holstein cow), K47 (Palestine mole rat), K55 (pilot whale), K56 (Norway rat), K69 (adult human), K74 (horse), K105 (preadolescent child), K132 (howler monkey), K141 (California mouse), K144 (Jersey calf), K156 (hairy-footed hamster), KL056 (opossum), KL064 (southern flying squirrel) 8
S. sciuri subsp.rodentius K3 and K4 (neonatal ward), K8, K9, K27, and K29 (Norway rat), K10 (European red squirrel), K26 (pilot whale)
S. sciuri subsp. carnaticum K11 (veal leg, sliced), K30 and K33 (Jersey cattle heifer), K31 (Jersey cattle calf), K61 (pilot whale)
 pBR322Cloning vector, Ampr Tcr New England Biolabs
 pGEM-3ZSubcloning vector, Ampr Promega Corp.
 pSW-15pGEM-3Z/6.7-kb HindIII fragment from K11 containing K11 mecA This study
 pSW-16pGEM-3Z/5.8-kbHindIII fragment from K3 containing K3mecA1 This study
 pSW-17pGEM-3Z/4.1-kbHindIII fragment from K3 containing K3 mecA2and N-terminal mecR1 This study
 pSW-18pGEM-3Z/4.1-kbHindIII fragment from K8 containing K8 mecAand N-terminal mecR1 This study
 pSW-19pGEM-3Z/2.3-kbHindIII fragment from K3 containing C-terminalmecR1 and mecI This study
 pSW-20pGEM-3Z/1.5-kb HindIII fragment from K8 containing C-terminal mecR1 and mec1 This study
 pCP2pGEM-3Z/5.1-kb EcoRI fragment from K1 containing K1 mecA 30
  • a Mcr, methicillin resistance; Ampr, ampicillin resistance; Tcr, tetracycline resistance.