Table 2.

Amino acid sequence similarity of ORFs in S. sciuri mecA regions with polypeptides in the database

ORFSimilarity with polypeptides in database (%)Accession no. or reference
S. sciuri subsp.sciuri K1 mecA region
 CTORF450Unknown-function protein ofB. subtilis (75)1181242
 ORF145Unknown-function protein of A. cateoacelicus(55) Y09102
 CTORF179Glutathione reductase (55) 9
S. sciuri subsp.carnaticum K11 mecA region
 CTORF585CTORF450 of K1 mecA region (100) Y09223
 ORF141ORF145 of K1 mecA region (91) Y09223
 ORF503CTORF179 of K1 mecA region (99) Y09223
 NTORF101C terminus of E. coli UgpQ (58) 14
S. sciuri subsp.rodentius K3 mecA1 region
 CTORF2254-Aminobutyrate aminotransferase of E. coli (50) P50457
 ORF145ORF145 of K1 mecAregion (98) Y09223
 ORF454CTORF179 of K1 mecAregion (99) Y09223
S. sciuri subsp.rodentius K8 mecA region
 ORF142Unknown-function protein of B. subtilis(81)1881333
 NTORF101NTORF101 of K11 mecAregion (98)This study
S. sciuri subsp.rodentius K3 mecA2 region
 CTORF261Xylose repressor of S. xylosus(84) 27
 ORF142ORF142 of K8mecA region (100)This study
 NTORF101NTORF101 of K11 mecA region (98)This study