Table 3.

Properties of the csg genes and surrounding open reading frames

Gene or region% G+C content (S. typhimurium/ E. coli)Sequence identity (%)aAmino identity/ similarity (%)aKS
ORF179ab 52.2/54.175.786.6/92.5NDe
csg operon43.5/43.277.6
csgG 49.0/50.183.496.0/99.31.065
csgF 44.6/42.481.089.9/94.21.018
csgE 44.4/43.180.891.4/96.91.496
csgD 40.7/41.881.192.1/95.81.155
Intergenic region33.7c/34.473.0c
csgB 43.4/41.882.982.1/90.70.564
csgA 51.5/
csgC 45.0/42.671.973.1/87.01.263
ORF103b 47.7/43.645.239.4/57.6ND
  • a Between S. typhimuriumSR-11 and E. coli MG1655.

  • b Nomenclature and sequence from E. coli MG1655 and W3110; EMBL files with accession no. ecae205 and ecae206 and ecd740 to ecd742 were used.

  • c Sequence between the translational start sites of csgD and csgB.

  • d Sequence between the transcriptional start sites of csgD and csgB.

  • e ND, not determined.