Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference
E. coli
  TG1supE hsdΔ5 thi Δ(lac-proAB) F′[traD36 proAB+lacIqlacZΔM15]20
  AR1062Fthr leu ara azi fhuA lacY tsx minA gal rpsL xyl mtl thi hsdR13
  BL21(DE3)hsdS galclts857ind-1 sam-7 nin-5 lacUV5-T7 gene 1)35
L. mesenteroides
  195Chr. Hansen (Milwaukee, Wis.)
  18TOur collection
 pBluescript KS+AprlacZStratagene
 pCL9pJDC9 containing the 4.4-kb Sau3A DNA fragment from L. mesenteroides subsp. cremoris 195 with citDEFG gene clusterThis work
 pNA2028pBluescript carrying the 4.4-kbSacI-XbaI insert of pCL9 under the control of the T7 promoterThis work
 pNA2030pBluescript carrying thecitC geneThis work