Table 4.

Complementation of E. coli csg mutants with S. typhimurium genes

Mutation in E. coliE. coli strainComplement- ing plasmidColony morphologyDetection of CsgA derived from fibers
csgA2::Tn105MHR204pCSGABrown but not roughVery weak signal
csgB2MHR261pCSGBwtawt levels
csgD6MHR503pCSGDwtwt levels
ΔcsgE3MHR480pCSGEwtwt levels
pCSGEFGwtwt levels
csgF4MHR426pCSGFReddish but not roughWeak signal
pCSGEFGwtwt levels
csgG1::Tn105MHR210pCSGEFGwtwt levels
  • a wt, wild type.