QS-regulated genes involved in nitrogen metabolism

Gene(s) or operonaDescriptionChange (fold)b
PA0509-PA5018 (nirNJLFCM)Nitrite respiration and heme D1 synthesis−4.7
PA0520-PA0522 (nirQ, nirS)Denitrification3.9
PA0523-PA0525 (norBD)Nitrous oxide (NO) respiration2.2
PA1172-PA1173 (napCB)Periplasmic nitrate reduction1.5
PA1861-PA1863 (modCBA)Molybdenum transporters1.8
PA3032 snr-I (shared nitrate reduction)10
PA3391-PA3396 (nosRZDFYL)Nitrate and N2O respiration−3.0
PA3872-PA3877 (narK1K2IJHG)Nitrate respiration−13
PA3870 (moaA1)Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis−5.1
PA3914-PA3918 (moeA1, moaEDC)Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis−6.9
PA4129-PA4130Probable sulfite of nitrite reductase14
PA4131-PA4134Probable nitrogen fixation proteins6.8
  • a Genes are identified by ORF designation, gene name, and protein description or known metabolic pathway (

  • b The magnitude and direction of gene expression change are indicated for PAO-JP2 grown with exogenous autoinducers (1 μM 3O-C12-HSL and 2 μM C4-HSL) compared to PAO-JP2 cultures grown aerobically in modified FAB. The values are the values for the first gene in the known or probable operons.