Genes involved in virulence and genes differentially expressed in biofilms identified as being QS regulated by using microarraysa

ORF or operonGene nameProtein description or functionChange (fold)b
Motility and attachment
    PA0411 pilJ Twitching motility protein PilJ−1.5 (ES)
    PA0413Still frameshift probable component of chemotactic signal transduction system−1.7 (B)
    PA2570c palL PA-I galactophilic lectin60 (ES)
    PA4527 pilC Still framshift type 4 fimbrial biogenesis protein PilC−1.9 (ES)
    PA4651Probable pilus assembly protein8.8 (ES)
    PA5040-PA5043 pilNOQ Type 4 fimbrial biogenesis proteins−1.4 (ES)
Cell wall synthesis, LPS and capsule
    PA3337 rfaD ADP-l-glycero-d-mannoheptose 6-epimerase−1.7 (ES)
    PA4996 rfaE LPS biosynthesis protein RfaE−1.8 (ML)
    PA5161 rmlB dTDP-d-glucose 4,6-dehydratase1.5 (ES)
    PA5163 rmlA Glucose-1-phosphate thymidylyltransferase1.6 (ES)
    PA5450 wzt ABC subunit of A-band LPS efflux transporter−1.6 (ES)
    PA5451 wzm Membrane subunit of A-band LPS efflux transporter2.2 (ML)
    PA0174-PA0179Probable chemotaxis cluster1.9 (ES)
    PA1458Probable two-component sensor−1.3 (ES)
    PA1608Probable chemotaxis transducer−2.2 (ES)
    PA2573Probable chemotaxis transducer2.7 (ES)
    PA2867Probable chemotaxis transducer−1.6 (ES)
    PA4307 pctC Probable chemotaxis transducer−2.4 (ML)
    PA4309 pctA Probable chemotaxis transducer−1.6 (ES)
    PA4520Probable chemotaxis transducer2.1 (ML), −1.5 (ES)
Protein secretion export apparatus, and secreted factors
    PA1901-PA1906Probable phenazine biosynthesis cluster16 (ES)
    PA4209, PA4211, PA4217Probable phenazine biosynthesis cluster14 (B), 74 (B), 19 (ES)
    PA1250 aprI Alkaline proteinase inhibitor AprI12 (B)
    PA1249c aprA Alkaline metalloproteinase precursor6.9 (B)
    PA1246-PA1248 aprDEF Alkaline protease secretion proteins AprDEF6.3 (ML)
    PA1245 aprX Membrane protein4.1 (B)
    PA1871c lasA LasA protease precursor29 (ES)
    PA2193-PA2195c hcnABC HCN biosynthesis genes210 (B)
    PA2300c chiC Chitinase5.1 (ES)
    PA3724c lasB Elastase LasB39 (B)
    PA3478-PA3479c rhlAB Rhamnosyltransferase chain A, chain B100 (ES)
    PA4142-PA4144Probable toxin secretion cluster9.6 (B)
    PA4302Probable type II secretion system protein9.6 (ES)
    PA4304Probable type II secretion system protein6.7 (ES)
    PA1877Probable secretion protein4.3 (ES)
    PA3096-PA3103c xcpRSTUVWXY General secretion pathway3.5 (ML)
    PA3104-PA3105c xcpPQ General secretion pathway2.0 (ES)
    PA1694 pscQ Translocation protein in type III secretion−1.7 (ML)
    PA1722 pscI Type III secretion protein PscI−1.8 (ML)
    PA1712 exsB Exoenzyme S synthesis protein B−2.4 (ES)
    PA4559 lspA Prolipoprotein signal peptidase−1.4 (ES)
    PA5070 tatC Transport protein TatC−1.5 (ES)
RND efflux transporters or drug efflux transporter
    PA0158Probable RND efflux transporter2.5 (ML)
    PA0425-PA0426 mexAB RND multidrug efflux system1.9 (B)
    PA4205-PA4208 mexGHI-opmD Probable RND efflux transporter system8.0 (ES)
    PA5160Drug efflux transporter2.2 (ES)
Transcriptional regulators and sigma factors
    PA0764 mucB Negative regulator for alginate biosynthesis MucB−1.6 (ES)
    PA0762 algU Sigma factor AlgU−1.5 (ES)
    PA1003 mvfR Regulator of multiple virulence factors3.0 (B)
    PA1707 pcrH Regulatory protein PcrH−2.2 (B)
    PA1898c qscR Quorum-sensing control repressor3.0 (ML)
    PA2259 ptxS Transcriptional regulator PtxS−3.6 (ML)
    PA3477c rhlR Regulatory protein RhlR5.9 (ES)
Genes expressed in biofilms
    PA0105-PA0108Cytochrome c oxidases5.7 (ES)
    PA0713Hypothetical protein−2.4 (ES)
    PA0714Hypothetical protein−3.4 (ES)
    PA0722Hypothetical protein of bacteriophage Pf1−1.2 (ES)
    PA0971 tolA TolA protein−1.4 (ES)
    PA3038Probable porin−2.3 (ES)
    PA3234Probable sodium:solute symporter−2.8 (ES)
    PA3235Conserved hypothetical protein−2.8 (ES)
    PA3418 ldh Leucine dehydrogenase2.0 (ES)
    PA3622c rpoS Stationary-phase sigma protein RpoS2.7 (B)
    PA4296Probable two-component response regulator3.4 (ES)
    PA4765 omlA Outer membrane lipoprotein OmlA precursor−1.6 (ES)
  • a Genes are identified by ORF designation, gene name, and protein description ( LPS, lipopolysaccharide; RND, resistance-nodulation-cell division.

  • b The magnitude and direction of gene expression change, as well as the growth phase (ML,mid-logarithmic phase; ES, early stationary phase; B, both mid-logarithmic and early stationary phases), are indicated for PAO-JP2 grown with exogenous autoinducers (1 μM 3O-C12-HSL and 2 μM C4-HSL) compared to PAO-JP2 cultures grown aerobically in modified FAB.

  • c Gene previously identified as being QS regulated (4, 8, 18, 27-29, 38, 39, 44).