Previously reported QS-regulated genes not identified by using microarraysa

Gene or ORFProtein descriptionTranscript detectionbCVcCommentReference
PA0051Probable glutamine amidotransferaseANALate induction44
PA0109Hypothetical proteinPHighLate induction44
PA0855Hypothetical proteinPLHighLate induction44
PA1129Probable fosfomycin resistance proteinANAInsertion in opposite orientation44
PA1148Exotoxin A precursorPLHighIron regulated16
PA1430Transcriptional regulator LasRPLow28
PA2385Probable acylasePLLowLate induction44
PA2401Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetaseANALate induction44
PA2402Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetaseANALate induction44
PA2424Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetaseANALate induction44
PA2770Hypothetical proteinPLowInsertion in opposite orientation44
PA3325Conserved hypothetical proteinANAInsertion in opposite orientation44
PA5356Transcriptional regulator GlcCPHigh44
  • a Genes are identified by ORF designation and protein description (

  • b Transcript detection of genes by using microarrays. P, present; A, absent; PL, present at low levels. A low level of transcript abundance was defined as a transcript abundance of less than 500 intensity units.

  • c A high coefficient of variation (CV) was defined as greater than 20%. NA, not applicable.