QS-regulated transcripts detected at the early stationary phase in PAO1 grown under various nutrient and oxygen conditionsa

ORF or intergenic regionGene namePresence inb:Protein descriptionc
NY, aerobicNY + KNO3 aerobicNY + KNO3, anaerobic
PA0007+Hypothetical protein
PA0040++Conserved hypothetical protein
PA0103+Probable sulfate transporter
PA0105 coxB ++Cytochrome c oxidase subunit II
PA0107Conserved hypothetical protein
PA0108 coxIII +Cytochrome c oxidase subunit III
PA0111+Hypothetical protein
PA0144Hypothetical protein
PA0196 pntB ++Pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase beta subunit
PA0228 pcaF Beta-ketoadipyl-coenzyme A thiolase PcaF
PA0239+Hypothetical protein
PA0244+Hypothetical protein
PA0365++Hypothetical protein
PA0524 norB ++Nitric oxide reductase subunit B
PA0996++Probable coenzyme A ligase
PA0997++Hypothetical protein
PA0998++Hypothetical protein
PA1063++Hypothetical protein
PA1212+Probable MFS transporter
PA1214+Hypothetical protein
PA1217+Probable 2-isopropylmalate synthase
PA1221++Hypothetical protein
PA1318 cyoB +Cytochrome o ubiquinol oxidase subunit 1
PA1327++Probable protease
PA1356Hypothetical protein
PA1608++Probable chemotaxis transducer
PA1679++Hypothetical protein
PA1694 pscQ +Translocation protein in type III secretion
PA1771+Probable esterase/lipase
PA1869++Probable acyl carrier protein
PA1875+Hypothetical protein
PA1877Probable secretion protein
PA1892++Hypothetical protein
PA1893+Hypothetical protein
PA1894++Hypothetical protein
PA1895++Hypothetical protein
PA1896Hypothetical protein
PA1897++Hypothetical protein
PA1898++Probable transcriptional regulator
PA1901++Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzC
PA1902+Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzD
PA1903++Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzE
PA1904++Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein
PA1927 metE +5-Methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate-homocysteine S-methyltransferase
PA1976+Probable two-component sensor
PA1978++Probable transcriptional regulator
PA1983 exaB Cytochrome c550
PA1992Probable two-component sensor
PA2068+Probable MFS transporter
PA2081+Hypothetical protein
PA2190++Conserved hypothetical protein
PA2194 hcnB ++Hydrogen cyanide synthase HcnB
PA2196++Probable transcriptional regulator
PA2238++Hypothetical protein
PA2260++Hypothetical protein
PA2261+Probable 2-ketogluconate kinase
PA2262+Probable 2-ketogluconate transporter
PA2266+Probable cytochrome c precursor
PA2300 chiC ++Chitinase
PA2303++Hypothetical protein
PA2331++Hypothetical protein
PA2369+Hypothetical protein
PA2414++ l-Sorbosone dehydrogenase
PA2415++Hypothetical protein
PA2454++Hypothetical protein
PA2539+Conserved hypothetical protein
PA2540++Conserved hypothetical protein
PA2564+Hypothetical protein
PA2566+Conserved hypothetical protein
PA2570 palL ++PA-I galactophilic lectin
PA2571++Probable two-component sensor
PA2572++Probable two-component response regulator
PA2588++Probable transcriptional regulator
PA2699+Hypothetical protein
PA2763+Hypothetical protein
PA2862 lipA ++Lactonizing lipase precursor
PA2903 cobJ ++Precorrin-3 methylase CobJ
PA2939++Probable aminopeptidase
PA2974++Probable hydrolase
PA3242++Probable lauroyl acyltransferase
PA3311+Conserved hypothetical protein
PA3328++Probable FAD-dependent monooxygenase
PA3329++Hypothetical protein
PA3330++Probable short-chain dehydrogenase
PA3332++Conserved hypothetical protein
PA3333 fabH2 ++3-Oxoacyl-(acyl carrier protein) synthase III
PA3334++Probable acyl carrier protein
PA3335++Hypothetical protein
PA3336++Probable MFS transporter
PA3391 nosR ++Regulatory protein NosR
PA3394 nosF ++NosF protein
PA3395 nosY ++NosY protein
PA3478 rhlB ++Rhamnosyltransferase chain B
PA3479 rhlA ++Rhamnosyltransferase chain A
PA3519++Hypothetical protein
PA3709Probable MFS transporter
PA3719++Hypothetical protein
PA3870 moaAI ++Molybdopterin biosynthetic protein A1
PA3877 narKI ++Nitrite extrusion protein 1
PA3914 moeAI ++Molybdenum cofactor biosynthetic protein A1
PA4078++Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetase
PA4142+Probable secretion protein
PA4175+Probable endoproteinase Arg-C precursor
PA4209++Probable O-methyltransferase
PA4211++Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein
PA4293+Probable two-component sensor
PA4297Hypothetical protein
PA4298++Hypothetical protein
PA4300++Hypothetical protein
PA4302Probable type II secretion system protein
PA4303++Hypothetical protein
PA4304+Probable type II secretion system protein
PA4305+Hypothetical protein
PA4307 pctC +Chemotactic transducer PctC
PA4384+Hypothetical protein
PA4498++Probable metallopeptidase
PA4648+Hypothetical protein
PA4649+Hypothetical protein
PA4651++Probable pilus assembly chaperone
PA4681++Hypothetical protein
PA4908++Hypothetical protein
PA4910++Probable ATP-binding component of ABC transporter
PA4911Probable permease of ABC branched-chain amino acid transporter
PA4912+Probable permease of ABC branched-chain amino acid transporter
PA4979Probable acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase
PA5059++Probable transcriptional regulator
PA5097Probable amino acid permease
PA5181++Probable oxidoreductase
PA5375 betTI +Choline transporter BetT
PA5411++Probable ferredoxin
PA5543++Hypothetical protein
ig 1427453-1428080+Intergenic region between PA1372 and PA1373, 1427453-1428080, (+) strand
ig 4713795-4713098++Intergenic region between PA4280 and PA4281, 4713098-4713795, (−) strand
ig 5820909-5820113++Intergenic region between PA5321 and PA5322, 5820113-5820909, (−) strand
  • a Genes are identified by ORF designation, gene name, and protein description (

  • b The presence of each transcript was analyzed by using MAS (version 5.0) and DMT (version 3.0) software for duplicate samples. Transcripts identified as absent on at least two of three chips were considered absent. +, present; −, absent.

  • c FAD, flavin adenine dinucleotide.