Strains and vectors used

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
    PAKWild type; piliated; twitching 7
    PAK-NPTetr cassette inserted into pilA; nonpiliated; nontwitching 19
    R364Tn5-B21 insertion in pilT; hyperpiliated; nontwitching 21
    S34Tn5-B21 insertion in pilU; hyperpiliated; nontwitching 22
    R364+R364 complemented with pUCP20Gm-pilT; twitchingThis study
    S34+S34 complemented with pUCP20Gm-pilU; twitchingThis study
    pUCP20Shuttle vector encoding beta-lactam resistance 20
    pUCGmSource of gentamicin resistance cassette 14
    pUCP20GmpUCP20 with SmaI-flanked Gm cassette inserted into unique ScaI site within blaThis study
    pUCP20Gm-pilTpUCP20Gm with pilT cloned into BamHI-HindIII in MCSThis study
    pUCP20Gm-pilUpUCP20Gm with pilU cloned into HindIII in MCSThis study