Summary of N. europaea genome

No. of chromosomes1
No. of bp2,812,094
GC content (%)50.7
Coding density (%)88.4
No. of predicted protein coding genes2,460
No. of predicted proteins with putative function1,863
No. of unknown proteins with matches to other proteins of unknown function285
No. of unknown proteins unique to N. europaea312
No. of predicted RNA coding genes47
No. of tRNAs41
No. of 16S-Ala tRNATGC-Ile tRNAGAT-23S-5S tRNAs1
No. of genes in protein categorya:
    DNA replication212
    Regulation and signaling187
    Amino acid metabolism120
    Carbohydrate metabolism55
    Nucleotide metabolism48
    Cofactor metabolism80
    Lipid metabolism48
    Secondary metabolites48
    Cellular processes481
    General function155
  • a Classifications of genes are based on clusters of orthologous genes (COGs).